Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earthquake in Mayapur

by Samba Das

On Monday 21st September, Mayapur was swayed by an earthquake that was centered just inside the border of Bhutan, where it registered as 6.1 on the richter scale.
I was sitting for a few minutes and at exactly 2.30 pm I felt the whole building swaying gently. The chimes above my head began to ring, and I saw the water in a 12 liter bottle on the concrete floor moving from side to side.
It was the first time I ever actually felt an earthquake. I had experienced one once in Los Angeles, but it was only for a split second, and I heard it rather than felt it.
Very few devotees in Mayapur even noticed it. If you were moving about you could not tell. My neighbor Madan Mohan (originally from Canada) confirmed that he also felt it while sitting at his computer.
It would be interesting to know what time exactly it struck in Bhutan. There apparently it was only for a moment, but in Mayapur it appeared to last for about 30 seconds, albeit just a gentle swaying.

Your servant
Samba das

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