Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Kadamba trees are cut down to make way for the new temple

Yesterday Mayapur Project started to clear up grounds for the Temple of Vedic Planetarium to be built in the area presently taken by the famous Mayapur gardens, situated on the age of Rudra-dvipa (Antradvipa begins just behind Lotus building).
Big Kadamba trees are getting chopped down, nearly 100 trees have been sentenced to die for the greater good.


kennethp said...

I just read about the Kadamba trees being cut down for a greater cause..

Actually Kadamba trees are very easily grown and they grow ultra, ultra quick. Maybe ten foot or more a year and they spread out nicely to give comfort to all especially during the hot season.

Hopefully the Agri Horti management can plant a New Kadamba Garden some where in a very big way ( at least several acres or more) because of this is not only inexpensive but it's flood tolerance is also great bonus.

This is a wonderful cooling shade tree that could easily be planted this coming year in any area which could be utilized as a nice place to walk and do Japa and this tree could be utilized by the Cows of Sree Dham Mayapur, so they too can enjoy the cooling effect of its very broad leaves.

kennethp said...

PS I think that soon I will, be writing about the need for a trail circumambulating Sree Krishna's Dham in Sree Dham Maypur ..and to have this trial bordered by beautiful shade giving Kadamba trees on either side, planted further apart then the ones just cut down so that they are taller and more cool shade given. About 20 feet apart should be suffice. I.M.O.

The trees are very much needed so the devotees can walk and do more and more japa and less and less prajalpa (useless idle talk)...

A nice cool walk around the complete property would be totally wonderful and great fully appreciated by every one.

And when more land is available then we could arrange for more and more ten foot wide and cool walkways....

I will try to figure out who is now a days and who I should write to but if anyone hears of such an idea then please speak up for the benefit of all..

We all need such a round the dham walking trail..for both spiritual and mental health

Mayapur Katha said...

nice idea