Saturday, March 21, 2009


by Ramadevi Devi dasi

Dear Friends of Braja Sevaki and Jahnudvipa,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Hare Krishna.

For now the general news about Braja and Jahnu is good. As you may well know, Braja is back in Mayapur and, for the time being, recuperating at my house. She’s still very sore all over but her face is improving every day.
And today she wanted cheese and tomato toast for breakfast so things are looking up :0)

Jahnu was moved to a private room yesterday and will have a 24 hour attendant with him as Braja is not able to be there. He still has one chest drain in and was sedated again because of agitation. The doctors say this is normal in these situations. But hopefully, being in a private room will be more peaceful for him and he can make speedy progress. He still needs many of your prayers.

The cost of the medical treatment so far has been upwards of $20,000 and Jahnu is not out of there yet. So it could be as much as $30,000 by the end. Many of you have enquired as to how you may offer some financial assistance for the medical expenses.
After discussing it here and understanding that some of you may be concerned as to where the money might go, we decided it would be best for donors to send the money for Braja and Jahnu directly to Braja’s personal account.

We will be setting up a paypal account which will be accessible from Braja's blogsite

Anybody sending a donation should let me know by email as to when and how much you have sent so we can keep track of it.

There will be separate information for donations to help the driver but I haven’t been given them yet. I’ll send them out as soon as I can.

Braja and Jahnu are so grateful for all the love being sent their way. They feel that their recoveries have been expedited by all your love and prayers. Thank you on their behalf.

"And big licks from the cow shed!" said Braja!!

Your servant
Ramadevi dasi

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pancha-tattva maha-abhishek video

Prananatha Prabhu from New Zealand has produced a wonderful video-presentation of Pancha-tattva maha-abhishek. He wishes to distribute this video and requesting everyone:

Please consider making a generous donation (minimum $1.00 US) to Sri Pancha Tattva at PayPal account:

Here we post this video:

Prananatha Prabhu made a new version of this video now that includes kirtan, we will post that as soon as it become available in web-format.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An update on Jahnudvipa and Braja Sevaki prabhus

by Hari Sauri Prabhu:

This is a brief update on the condition of Jahnudvipa and Braja Sevaki prabhus.
Braja Sevaki is doing well and will be discharged today.
She is going to return to Mayapur to complete her recuperation.
Jahnudvipa prabhu is also progressing.
After a brief relapse which required him to be sedated for the last two days, he is now fully conscious and can hold brief conversations. He still has a fair way to go due to multiple fractures but the concerns about his internal damage is now over and doctors are pleased with his progress.

I wish to also correct a miscommunication wherein I previously reported that the Mayapur temple was going to cover the medical expenses for these two devotees and the driver. This was incorrectly conveyed to me, and the actual situation is that the Mayapur temple has guaranteed to the hospital the payments for all care so that there would be no delays in getting any operations done and medicines administered.
However, this is only meant as a bridging loan, and will have to be repaid to the temple.

This will be the last bulletin from myself, and any further inquiries may be directed to Braja Sevaki directly.

Your humble servant,
Hari-sauri dasa

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gaura Purnima darsan 2009 in Mayapur

Vraja Sevaki Mataji and Jahnu Dvipa Prabhu had a car accident

this report is based on reports from Hari Sauri and Tusti Mohan Prabhus:

We humbly request all the devotees to please pray for Jahnudwipa Prabhu and his good wife Brajasevaki devi dasi as both are in the Apollo hospital in Calcutta after having a very dangerous accident.
Jahnudvipa prabhu from Denmark, and his wife Brajasevaki dasi from Australia, were badly injured in a car crash at Madhyamgram just near the Kolkata airport.
They suffered a head-on crash with a truck in the early hours of this morning on the way in to Kolkata, at Madhyamgram just before the airport.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pancha-tattva mangala aroti

After maha-abhisek Pancha-tattva altar finally has a different backdrop (it is still to be compleated)