Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Temple of Vedic Planetarium

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kunti said...

hare krsna.

I wonder how many amongst the gbcs' have agreed to the present location.

Those who are supporting Ambarish and gang who are intent on damaging the present Mayapur should be held accountable if the project fails which most probably would judging from the omens.

kunti said...

Just visited the the tovp website.
Whatever they have decided location, design etc justified as Srila Prabhupada's desire/wanted.

Then how come no auspicious omens.

Vikram said...

Does Ambarish really have any Vedic knowledge ?!

he say's "this is not jut a temple for hindus" ..and wants it to look like the capitol building!

..what's next ...iskon members will be advised to wear western outfits and requested to behave in ways more befitting a 'worldly' outlook opposed to shaving their heads, wearing temporary tilok tattoos, looking like silly little hindus!

how manya million dollar contribution will that one cost

Ambarish and his group must take full responsibility for whatever consequents their actions!