Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Laxmipriya - new Mayapur elephant

Laxmipriya is the name of our new Mayapur elephant. She is 6 years old child (elephants have same life-span as humans). She arrived toMayapur on 7 March 2008 and lives in the forest area near Taranpur, where devotees built a shed for her. We also expect a second baby-elephant to arrive in two months time (her name is Vishnupriya) and she is 3 years old.
So far Laxmipriya have not been officialy introduced to devotees, although many went to see her in the forest. She will be introduced in few days time after parikrama.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully these new elephants will be cared for better than poor Gulab Kali. Her circumstances and living conditions were totally inadequate and no doubt contributed to her early and needless death.
Indira dasi

Mayapur Katha said...

Yes, Hrimati mataji is trying to arrange care for Laxmipriya, but I personally very concerned with her drinking water arrangement... at the moment it is very simmilar to waht Gulab had and she did not get to drink enough... We pray it will improve soon. Please write to Hrimati and Ramadevi Matajis regarding this.
Hare Krishna!
Vrindavan Lila

ramadevi said...

I would just like to inform anybody who is concerned about our new elephant that she is being personally cared for by Hrimati Mataji. Hrimati is not "trying to arrange care for Laxmi Priya". She is doing it. Her care is already happening and very nicely.
Hrimati and I both witnessed Gulab Kali's death and took a vow at that time that such a death would never take place again as long as we are here.
While I appreciate Vrindavan Lila's concern I think she should have approached Hrmati Mataji personally before casting aspertions about Laxmi's care on the internet. Seeing the elephant for a few minutes on odd ocassions can not give an accurate impression of how the elephant is cared for. She is taken on regular walks to various water sources and drinks in excess of 200 litres of water a day.
Her situation is nothing like Gulab's. Gulab was tied up most of the day on a concrete floor and had very little exercise. Laxmi lives in the forest. Her house has a mud floor and she goes out for frequent walks and grazing.
Hrimati Mataji is in regular contact with India's foremost elephant expert, Dr Sharma. She also has regular contact with many other elephant experts.
Recently one very big person in the forestry department came to visit and was very impressed with the arrangements and care for Laxmi Priya.
Hrmati is currently working on a programme to educate devotees about Laxmi and any future elephants.
So please stop this scare mongering. Laxmi Priya is getting very good care.

Your servant,
Ramadevi dasi

Mayapur Katha said...

I have looked after animals, even elephants, and know that they do need to have a water source, which they can drink from whenever THEY wish.
No doubt plenty of water is being suplied to Laxmipriya, but this is not as good as having a water suply, which is available to drink from as SHE desires.
Hare Krishna.
Padmalochan Das