Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gurukuli Krishna Das unexpected departure

by Vrindavan Lila Dasi

The day before Gaura Purnima this year we have lost one of very talented and prominent gurukulie boy, Krishna Das. He was born in Moscow to Bal Krishna Prabhu and Savitri Mataji.

He was very open and friendly character, talented movie-maker, enthusiast of keeping Gurukulie family united.

What happened?
Boys were playing in the Ganga, on a boat – diving, swimming, playing.
Krishna Das was also prompted to jump off the boat by his friends. He was a good swimmer, but somehow when he did jump in the water this time he got dragged in by the Ganga...well, there are more details of how it happened…, but in this article we are simply informing vaishnava community of the fact that we have lost a very valuable young member of our society, full of potential to preach effectively and to attract people to Krishna Consciousness through his art and personality.
This is very grievous loss for our society.

Ever since I knew Krishna Das (as a baby) I have been always noticing how much spiritually inclined this person is. He was very Krishna-conscious baby, then child and when he had grown up into a young man his personality really shined among his friends.

He had made several movies and one of them (about Anapa festival) was presented at ITV Film Festival in Mayapur and won one of the prises. His last film called Kuli-Mela (about gurukulie reunion in Russia).

I very much feel the pain his mother is going through, knowing her personally… Krishna Das was her only child, she had him late and was bringing him up with unlimited motherly LOVE and care, he was her pressures treasure.

Of cause we are not in control of the destiny, but we certainly could pay better attention to each other’s existence and endeavours in Krishna Consciousness.

We all have no doubt that Krishna Das is in good spiritual care, whatever destination he has gone on to. One who dies in Mayapur is certainly will get attention of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya.

It is us, who stay back to live our lives, we have to think more carefully how we handle the priceless vaishnava association we have been given by couseless mercy of Srila Prabhupada.
Every vaisnava going out of our life – is the loss that can’t be measured… and if we really feel that way we would try to take better care not to loose anyone unnecessary or “accidentally”, because accidentally means wastefully…- There would be lot less accidents if we would care to protect each other.

At the funeral Mother Savitri said that she feel that all gurukulies are her children and offered her help, association and motherly love to all friends of Krishna Dasa and all gurukulies.
Hare Krishna.

his website - http://www.bala.ru/

Krishna Das made this photo, this is his favourite photo of Pancha-tattva in Mayapur:

this is some video footage of Krishna Dasa's funeral and cremation:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this information. It is very helpful and gets some very important points across.

Gopika said...

Jaya Krishna Dasa!

It is still hard to believe that this shiny, happy, talented soul has left this world. Krishna took him home.

My admiration and thoughts go to his parents. They must have strength that comes straight from the Spiritual World. I hope and pray for their realizations when time comes for me to loose a loved one.

The gurukuli family is an amazing one and I am proud to call it mine.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Anonymous said...

What a pain!

Anonymous said...

my heart just suddenly melt.

Leo Levy said...

thank you for posting this.

Gopal Krishna das said...

Only after coming across this have I fully understood that it was my friend KD who actually passed away. Some friends of mine who recently visited India gave me the news only this April. I have been very busy since leaving Vrindavan. I know too many friends by the name of Krishna das. When they said he was the Russian boy, I already thought it could be him. But now, looking at this site, with his picture, I am suddenly taken aback with grief and separation. Although he was many years younger than myself, he was always very close to me and his gang of friends from Vrindavan Gurukul where he grew up for some time. He would sweetly call me as "Gopal Krishna Prabuji" since I was a gurukula teacher. He is such as a talented young vaisnava, full of spirit and vigor. He loved making movies and even took many lesson from my cousin Govinda Das from the Philippines. I'll surely miss him. We had plans of making it big one day in hollywood and produce films like mahabharat and ramayan and so many stories form the vedas. I'm so sorry that I won't be able to see him again. All that remain are memories of such a wonderful and talented person who I knew was a real and trustworthy friend and ally! To you dear KD! May you glance over us, who are still down here. You are fortunate to have passed in the lap of Srimati Ganga devi. May she usher you to the Lotus feet of Our Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madhavaji! To mataji and Prabhu, although we've only met twice, I understand your pain and grievances. But I know also that you like all great vaisnav parents, understand that our Dearest Sri Radha MAdhav have better plans for him which is why he has left us earlier! My dandavats to my dearest Friend Krishna Das. you are truly a servant of the Lord!

Anonymous said...

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