Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ban on plastic bags in Mayapur

At last plastic bags are baned in Mayapur.

click on the document to see larger.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Please keep to it!

Mayapur Katha said...

Thank you. Please sign your name next time.

It is very difficult thing to implement, as everyone got so spoiled by convinience of plastic cary bags... sadly shopkeepers do still keep them under the counter - for those customers who demanding hard to have it (or else they won't come to his shop again)
We need to re-train ourselves to live more natural life, as better human beings.
We really have to TRY better to open our eyes and see how much dammage our lazyness coursing... and tell ourselves *I am not going to be that person who polutes Holy Dhama by my bad habits*

In the temple maha-prasadam shop they stopped giving plastic bags and give brown paper packets instead. Regurlar shops offer paper bags as well.
We can always bring our own shopping bag from home, it's really not that hard, just little consciousness requered (as bhakti-yoga practitioners we should have some already).