Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hamsavahan (Lord Shiva) visits ISKCON Mayapur

Hamsavahan (Lord Shiva riding Brahma's swan) came to visit ISKCON Mayapur again this year. He was recieved with GREAT enthusiasm by local devotees.
Many of brahmacharis have a lot of affection for Lord Shiva from the childhood, so there was very enthusiastic kirtan as well as very colorful and plentiful bathing ceremony (abhishek).

Lord Shiva was so anxcious to listed of Gauranga's pastimes in Navadvipa Dhama that he could not wait any longer, jumped on the back of his father's carrier (Swan) instead of his own (bull) and rushed to Godruma Dvipa to hear discussions of sages about Lord Chaitanya. He recieved the name Hamsavahan.

Since couple of past years Hamsavahan have been visiting ISKCON Mayapur - there always a grand reception for Him here.

For the full coverage of this visit and abhishek
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