Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flood in Mayapur, September 2007

 by Padmalochan Das

29-09-07 @ 5:45 am:

The devotees woke up for the second day in the middle of the Ganga.
The water has not risen in the last three hours and mongala aratic went on in the temple as usual, although there were less devotees present than usual.
The main problem is fresh vegies and fruits, although milk is still being delivered from our Goshala. Medical center, supply stores and Govindas have been relocated in the Chakra Bld.
There is no rain an the power is on although in some parts of the grihasta area the pumps had to be removed. There is no lack of drinking water.
A cow was born in our Goshala as the Ganga rushed all around, the calf is doing fine.
It is possible to travel from Kolkatta to Mayapur although the vehicles have to stop about two km away from were one has to take a boat - if you have a lot of luggage it will not be easy.
Devotees led by Shastra prabhu were moving around by boat having kirtan yesterday.

28-09-07 @ 5:45am:

The devotees woke up this morning in the middle of the Ganga. The rising of the Ganga has continued, but slowed down over night about 1 inch every two hours. The water in the temple room is about 4 feet and ranging from 3 to 7 feet at different places in the ISKCON compound. The power has stayed on all night and there has been no rain over night. The gates of the dam have been closed and if there is no more heavy rain then the Ganga should stop rising and start to reseed in the next 24 hours.
I was in the Goshala this morning and the cows seem to be happy and they are well above the water.


At 4am the Ganga started to rush into our ISKCON compound in the last hour the water has risen 3 inches and it is speeding up. At the present rate Ganga is going to enter the temple in time for darsan aratic.

Yesterday almost everything was lifted from ground level and devotees are struggling to move from those houses which are on the ground level.

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